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A Commercial  Mortgage is a loan provided by a lender and secured by borrower's collateral and commercial real estate (ex: Multi-family / Apartment Buildings, Office Buildings, Retail Buildings / Shopping Centers, Warehouses / Self Storage, Industrial Facilities, Hotel / Motel / Resorts, Land Development / Infrastructure, Special Purposes / Retirement Homes).

Are you a commercial property investor?


Are you considering to restructure your commercial investment portfolio? 


Are you currently leasing a commercial space?


Over a decade of leasing the value of the commercial properties tripled. Every time a lease due to renew, the cost went up, never down. Do you think, it's time to meet with TNG Capital Team and start planning a commercial property financials?


REMEMBER, THIS SHOULD BE THE FIRST STEP, before you even contact your real estate agent or lawyer.


The proceeds from a commercial mortgage are used to acquire, refinance, or redevelop commercial property. Commercial mortgages are generally subject to extensive underwriting and due diligence prior to closing. The lender's underwriting process includes a financial review of the property and the borrower, as well as commissioning and review of varies third-party reports, such as an appraisal, etc.

We are specialists in complex commercial and private deals. We invest a greater amount of time in due diligence, completely underwrite the transaction, mitigate all the challenges, find solutions to challenges and finally find the appropriate lender to get the loan approved. 

We are here to bridge the gap between the borrower's and lender's needs and provide both an ally to facilitate getting the transaction done.


Furthermore, we are continually negotiating with a broad array of lending institutions that include pension funds, life insurance companies, trust companies, private investors/lenders and the conventional banks.


We pledge to get the job done!


We would like to hear your story.... CALL, EMAIL or CLICK BELOW......

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