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In today’s conventional banking market, it has become practically impossible to get a land only mortgages approved. Banks see land only financing as very risky because they do not have the added security of a dwelling on it which could be income-producing or easier to sell if need be. However, acquiring a loan for a piece of land, rezoning that piece of land and thereafter refinancing that loan based on the new value to arrange a new servicing construction loan for the new project is an extremely viable and very profitable option for borrowers. 


Whether you are planning to purchase or refinance of either of a vacant lot or raw land or starting a new construction project, such as ; single-family home, multi-family townhouse, condo project or a multi-million-dollar financing project, we are here to help.

We are sincerely happy to help our clients to achieve very high yields and high profits on those land acquisitions.


We provide the best and reliable land development and construction financing package loans. We strive to deliver fast and easy access to money, even in the most challenging situations. Our talented land development and construction financing experts are willing to assist you round-the-clock and will ensure a quick and easy funding arrangement for you.

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