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What are Syndicate Mortgages?

A syndicate mortgage is where two or more investors combine funds together to create one financial instrument; in this case, a mortgage. They become a lender. When investors invest in a syndicate mortgage, they are funding a larger instrument;  however, their investment is always registered and secured directly to the land under the individual's name, which translates into direct collateral for them against a real asset.

Who Can Invest in Syndicate Mortgages?

As an exempt market investment, our syndicated mortgages are available to accredited investors only seeking a high rate of return.

  • Available to accredited investors

  • Investment in specific mortgages with return of investment upon repayment

  • Complete underwriting package provided to assist decision making

  • Real estate investment opportunities in British Columbia and Alberta

  • Yield varies on a project by project basis

Investment Strategy

Syndicate mortgage partners make their investment decision based on a thorough underwriting process and presentation that we provide for review, so investors can invest directly into real estate. The only way for investors to access this type of investment is through a mortgage agent or broker. 


Another unique feature of syndicate mortgages is that they allow additional security by having their name registered on title by their lawyer as a charge holder against the property. This feature gives the investor added security.


A syndicate mortgage investment structure is a rather simple one. Just like a traditional mortgage, where you put down a certain amount of collateral, like 20 percent, and the bank lends you the remaining amount to acquire your home. Well a syndicate mortgage moves and acts very much the same way. In a syndicate mortgage, investors become the lender to fund a project and get paid as per the mortgage agreement between them and borrower.

If you are looking for a short-term investment managed by industry experts with a proven track record, syndicate mortgages may be the answer. The beauty of syndicate mortgages lies in its simplicity: fixed terms, direct collateral, consistent cash flow AND a hard asset that provides security. When the mortgage matures and is paid out, the funds are returned to you.

Do you invest in a syndicate mortgage? Share your experience and insights in the discussion below! 

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